What is the difference between the Sutera orthopedic pillow and the Lavender Zen Pillow?

Both the Sutera and the Lavender Zen Pillow use premium memory foam that gives the user a better, more supported sleeping experience. We recommend using the Sutera pillow for people who are looking for a more sturdy, physical support to the head, shoulder, back, and hips, as the unique butterfly design of Sutera’s orthopedic contour pillow gives this ergonomic support. This specially engineered shape assists to relieve tension and allows you to enjoy a deep and full night’s rest.

The Lavender Zen pillow, on the other hand, is best for those looking to incorporate aromatherapy in their nightly routine, while combining proper head, neck, and back support. The material is not contoured, and is structured like a typical pillow in shape. It also features a micro-channel ventilation technology, which allows increased airflow and breathability gives you a cooler, dryer, and restful sleep.

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